Community Help

Rob has been training at Seven Ronin Jiu Jitsu, a small gym in Puerto Peñasco, and the people there have become good friends. They have been generous with their time for and support of Rob and I, and they have been a real refuge for Rob when he needs a break from the boat work.Continue reading “Community Help”


You can now read our site in languages other than English. We apologize in advance for any imperfect translations. If you notice any translation mistakes, please let us know, and we will fix it.


Having the boat out of the water has felt like a reset.  This is our second time in a boatyard with a mountain of upgrades, changes, and fixes to complete.  The boat sits unnaturally out of the water with her insides askew, and we live in a temporary space off of the boat.  The first time was theContinue reading “Community”

We have merch!

We are proud to announce that we have Mapache merchandise! Check out the Mapache hats and the amazing custom T-shirt design that our friend, Tyler Jeffers, did, by clicking here or on the “Mapache Merch!” page under the menu above. We hope you like the new gear as much as our nephew does. Stay well!

Ready, Set, Go!

We spent the Sea of Cortés’s hurricane season in Arizona (with quick trips to the midwest and Oregon), while Mapache took a break, out of the water, in Puerto Peñasco’s boatyard.  While in the U.S., we were fortunate to spend the summer with our family and friends.  We house- and pet-sat, we crashed in people’s spare-rooms, weContinue reading “Ready, Set, Go!”

Are We Human or Are We Sailor?

Passage: Sea of Cortez (Mar de Cortés), La Paz to Puerto Peñasco Mapache left La Paz, at the southern end of Baja California, in mid-April and spent six weeks meandering her way north, along the east coast of the Baja peninsula, through the Mar de Cortés, to Puerto Peñasco.  Mapache will stay in Puerto Peñasco throughContinue reading “Are We Human or Are We Sailor?”

The Wind

We are presently in the Sea of Cortez (Mar de Cortés), heading north to Puerto Peñasco, where we will haul the boat out of the water for the summer.  We will spend the summer visiting family and friends and maintaining the boat.  In the fall, we will set sail south down mainland Mexico and into other CentralContinue reading “The Wind”

A Piece of Cake

This boat log continues with our more recent passages down the west coast of Baja to our initial goal-destination of La Paz. We made it to Baja Sur (the southern state of the Baja peninsula), landing in Bahía Tortugas after Isla de Cedros.  Tortugas is a remote town that marks the halfway point on the desolateContinue reading “A Piece of Cake”

Neptune’s Cat

This boat log takes us forward, tracking the first part of our trip from Ensenada to La Paz, Baja, Mexico. We left Ensenada after declaring it our new home.  Over a barbeque of carne asada, quesadillas, and light beer, one of the coaches at the MMA gym, where Rob had been training, suggested that Rob stayContinue reading “Neptune’s Cat”

Double Takes

Passage: Florence, Oregon, to Eureka, California  (including stops in Port Orford, Oregon, Hunter’s Cove, Oregon, and Crescent City, California) (Reminder: We are still working to catch up on previous parts of our adventure. This is a description of part of our U.S.-coast passage, which took place this past fall.) After Florence, Oregon, we sailed overnightContinue reading “Double Takes”

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