Into the Van

We added another Mapache to our gaze (that’s what a group of racoons is called, like a pod of dolphins, a pride of lions, or a murder of crows).  Meet the Sprinter van, Mapache Tres, otherwise known as Land Mapache or LaPache.   We realized that a quarter of each of our years is spent on land,Continue reading “Into the Van”

Return to the Sea

It has been almost exactly three years since we set out on a boat to sail the world.  And we have made it to exactly one country.  There are many examples of people who sail around the entire world in the same or much less time—40 days in some sailing races, 1-3 years for travelers set upContinue reading “Return to the Sea”

Boat Time

We made it to the Sea of Cortés! And we made it on time, as planned, for one of our 2023 plans.   The Road to Reunion We had promised to meet family in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle in January, but weather stopped us from leaving Ensenada in time.  So, we met them by car instead of by boat.  AndContinue reading “Boat Time”


We have returned to where we started our Mexico-sailing adventures two years ago—preparing to head south out of Ensenada and trace the Pacific coast of Baja California.  We plan to spend the majority of this next cruising season in the Sea of Cortés, as we did our first year in Mexico.  After that, we will get backContinue reading “Retorno”

This Boat Could Be Yours!

Our original Mapache (Hans Christian 38 MKII) was surveyed this week and she did great…appraised at $91,000 USD! We are selling her for the steal of $81,000 USD. The cruising season is about to begin in the Sea of Cortés, and Rob and I will be there on Mapache 2.0. Come join this dream! IfContinue reading “This Boat Could Be Yours!”


We are downsizing again.  We recently moved all of our worldly possessions (apart from a couple of boxes stored at my parents…thanks, mom and dad) from Mapache to Mapache 2.0.  After selling a significant amount of house/boat-ware at a swap meet, we packed 18 dock-carts (about the size of a wheelbarrow) of stuff from the originalContinue reading “Minimalism”


Hurricanes.  They occur in the Atlantic and the East Pacific oceans (they are called cyclones in the South Pacific and Indian oceans, and typhoons in the Western Pacific).  Mapache and I are sitting on the edge of the eastern Pacific, and hurricanes happen here.  They start in areas of low pressure, caused be warm water and humid air.  TheContinue reading “Hurricanes”

Picture Perfect

The link between social media and mental health is no secret.  Extensive studies conclude that the use of social media distorts people’s perceptions of their self-worth and reality.  And despite the Mapache crew’s intentional flee from social norms, we are no different.  Social media is a tool that we use to stay in touch with people, andContinue reading “Picture Perfect”

The Daily Grind

I started this boat log while sitting in the cockpit of another boat.  We often create work stations where we can, and that day, we used my data sim-card to run wireless internet on our friends’ boat for four of us.  We focused on our individual projects with a view of a tropical beach behind our laptopContinue reading “The Daily Grind”

It’s Been a While

It’s been two months since our last boat log.  Mapache spent half of that time in Puerto Vallarta, most of which was due to a non-boating emergency.  Rob’s grandmother passed away, and Rob and I flew to Ohio to help his grandfather with all that comes with that.  Luckily, we were in a safe marina, blocks away fromContinue reading “It’s Been a While”

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