Hurricanes.  They occur in the Atlantic and the East Pacific oceans (they are called cyclones in the South Pacific and Indian oceans, and typhoons in the Western Pacific).  Mapache and I are sitting on the edge of the eastern Pacific, and hurricanes happen here.  They start in areas of low pressure, caused be warm water and humid air.  TheContinue reading “Hurricanes”

Picture Perfect

The link between social media and mental health is no secret.  Extensive studies conclude that the use of social media distorts people’s perceptions of their self-worth and reality.  And despite the Mapache crew’s intentional flee from social norms, we are no different.  Social media is a tool that we use to stay in touch with people, andContinue reading “Picture Perfect”

The Daily Grind

I started this boat log while sitting in the cockpit of another boat.  We often create work stations where we can, and that day, we used my data sim-card to run wireless internet on our friends’ boat for four of us.  We focused on our individual projects with a view of a tropical beach behind our laptopContinue reading “The Daily Grind”

It’s Been a While

It’s been two months since our last boat log.  Mapache spent half of that time in Puerto Vallarta, most of which was due to a non-boating emergency.  Rob’s grandmother passed away, and Rob and I flew to Ohio to help his grandfather with all that comes with that.  Luckily, we were in a safe marina, blocks away fromContinue reading “It’s Been a While”

Night Watch

On December 23, we left the Baja coast and the Sea of Cortés for the final time.  We crossed 238 miles of ocean to the Pacific coast of mainland Mexico.  The trip took almost 38 hours, and we arrived just before midnight on December 24 in Mazatlán.  Our friends, wearing Christmas hats, welcomed us by catching our dockContinue reading “Night Watch”

‘Tis the Season…

… for a little reminder that Mapache shirts and hats are available HERE. And to convince you that purchasing one is a great idea, see the above photo of adorable kids sporting our shirt! Thanks to all of our friends, who were fine with their kids being child models. It is also the season forContinue reading “‘Tis the Season…”

Community Help

Rob has been training at Seven Ronin Jiu Jitsu, a small gym in Puerto Peñasco, and the people there have become good friends. They have been generous with their time for and support of Rob and I, and they have been a real refuge for Rob when he needs a break from the boat work.Continue reading “Community Help”


You can now read our site in languages other than English. We apologize in advance for any imperfect translations. If you notice any translation mistakes, please let us know, and we will fix it.


Having the boat out of the water has felt like a reset.  This is our second time in a boatyard with a mountain of upgrades, changes, and fixes to complete.  The boat sits unnaturally out of the water with her insides askew, and we live in a temporary space off of the boat.  The first time was theContinue reading “Community”

We have merch!

We are proud to announce that we have Mapache merchandise! Check out the Mapache hats and the amazing custom T-shirt design that our friend, Tyler Jeffers, did, by clicking here or on the “Mapache Merch!” page under the menu above. We hope you like the new gear as much as our nephew does. Stay well!

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