Ready, Set, Go!

We spent the Sea of Cortés’s hurricane season in Arizona (with quick trips to the midwest and Oregon), while Mapache took a break, out of the water, in Puerto Peñasco’s boatyard.  While in the U.S., we were fortunate to spend the summer with our family and friends.  We house- and pet-sat, we crashed in people’s spare-rooms, we camped, we dined at old haunts, we created new favorite spots, and Rob had a well-timed, emergency appendectomy.  The summer flew, and we did not get to hang out as much as we wanted with all of the people we had hoped. But there will be next times, whether those be in Arizona or some other corner of the earth.  We cannot thank enough all of the people, including my parents, who graciously opened their homes, laundry rooms, and vehicles to us while we visited. THANKS A MILLION!

We are now reunited with Mapache in Puerto Peñasco, and we are wasting no time.  We are ready, and set, to go…back to the grindstone.  Our goal is to get Mapache back in the water and sailing south along the Pacific Coast of Central America by November.  Rob is tearing the boat apart to complete upkeep and updates.  The biggest project is the rebuild of our loving engine.  Although the engine helped make many memories, we are ready for less (*knock on wood*) time spent on engine adventures (aka “repairs”).  Stage one of that is already complete, with Rob having rigged a system and hauled the engine completely out of the boat, alone (see the video below).  To allow for space to accomplish the boat projects and to have some reprieve from the heat and humidity, we rented a small apartment in town.  That is where I spend my days—on  the computer for some paid work, and behind the sewing machine for some boat work. 

Keep an eye out for more updates soon.  We hope you are all well.  Thanks for sticking with us in all of Mapache’s adventures. 

Muchas gracias to Authority Zero for allowing us to use a few seconds of their song, “A Passage in Time.”
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